Automatic opening gear BX

Italian company CAME, sliding gate automation BX will fit your home perfectly. Automation not only ensure your safety, it also performs additional functions: pedestrian passage, the ability to match two motors, obstacle detection when the gate closes; flashing of the signal lamp when the gate is opening/closing.

In the event of a power failure, the automation is easily disconnected, allowing you to open or close the gate manually.

IMPORTANT: in the event of a power outage, the gate must be fully closed and screw in the emergency handle, close metal cover of the automation with the key to be able to start the gate from the automation.

We offer you two BX automation models:

  • BX – A (up to 400 kg for gates)
  • BX – B (for frequent use up to 800 kg; for intensive use up to 600 kg)
Technical data
Max gate weight15 kg15 kg
Power supply220 V220 V
Current draw2,6 A2,6 A
Power200 W300 W
Duty cycle30 %30 %
Opening time10 m / min10 m / min

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