Megapack roll-up doors consist of an inner panel, an outer panel and some bars for more stability. This door is ideal for industrial environments designed for material handling.

This product ensures high durability, energy saving and reliability, with minimum maintenance. Each door is individually designed to be customised and to withstand winds and bad weather, which can be different based on the area where the product is installed.
The upper crossbeam is made of hot dip galvanized steel, suitable to support the gear motor, the bearings, the roller, the lifting straps and the door itself. Our standard model consists of two polyester panels, covered with PVC and placed within double ogive profiles, located at the ends of the horizontal bar, riding on two side columns to relieve wind pressure by means of dense profiles. This way, friction and noise are reduced during opening and closing operations. Moreover, the panel consists of individual sections, so that, in case of damage or wear and tear, there is no need to replace the entire panel but only the damaged section.
The horizontal bars consist of bolted aluminium profiles designed to withstand strong winds and customised based on the needs of our customers and the peculiarities of the area where the door is installed. The columns are made of galvanized steel, also appropriately sized and shaped to withstand even strong winds. These doors are equipped with 380 V three-phase ventilated brake motors and coupled with the strap roller by means of flexible couplings. They are customised according to the size of the door.

Maximum door size (LxH): 35000x20000 mm
Opening speed: ~0,2/0,5 m/sec
Closing speed: ~0,2/0,5 m/sec
Power supply: 380 V, 3 Ph
Control box Contactor
Sheet thickness 1,2 mm
The distance between the sheets min 250 - max 1000 mm
Wind resistance up to 160 km/h
Operating temperature -30° +70°

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