Spiral high-speed industrial doors are new, technologically advanced doors designed to better separate different working areas, characterised by a different acoustic and thermal intensity or intended for different uses. These doors are extremely versatile and are:

Spiral doors, including ISO40, ISO40 LH, ISO80, AIR FLOW and COVER models. These doors are the best quality products of our range, both for their design and for the materials used, ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

ThermicRoll® Spiral Door ISO 40
Maximum door size (LxH):
7000×6000 mm
Opening speed: ~1,5 m/sec
Closing speed: ~0,5 m/sec
Power supply: 400 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Engine: Asynchronous 110 V with an electric brake
Performance cycles EN 12604 3.000.000

Spiral doors Airflow

Spiral doors Spiral ISO 80

Spiral doors Spiral ISO 40 LH

Spiral doors Spiral ISO 40

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