Self-repairing roll-up doors

DynamicRoll® self-repairing roll-up doors are the technological evolution of old, high-speed PVC doors or heavy folding doors, now obsolete and not suited to today’s industrial needs. DynamicRoll® doors were designed to meet the requirements of different working environments.
High-quality panels, the resistive safety edge fitted to the bottom edge of the door, photocells and barriers make this product both safe and durable, being totally self-repairing, thanks to its special “Anti Crash System”.
DynamicRoll® are high-speed PVC doors, with a perimeter structure in galvanized or stainless steel, which is ideal for sliding panels. The door panel rides effortlessly within a track, thanks to the special profile and hinge designed by us, requiring low maintenance. The panel is rolled up on a roller placed within the upper crossbeam.
DynamicRoll® models can be equipped with a counterweight or ups batteries, to fully open the door in case of power failure, and can also be equipped with large transparent sections to create a brighter and safer working environment.
Maximum door size (LxH):
Opening speed: ~2 m/sec
Closing speed: ~0.8 m/sec

Wind load EN12424:

w 3000×3000
w 5000×5000
w 7000×5000
w 8000×8000



Power supply:

230 V, 10 A

400 V, 8 A*

Frequency 50/60 Hz
Control box
Drive: Encoder
1,3 mm – 1300 gr/m²
Safety edge EN 13241:

Anti-Crash Safety Sensor


Performance cycles EN 12604 1.000.000

*(depending on door size)
**>25 m²


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