VER 6000

Garage door automation VER 6000

  • Intensive use automation;
  • Remote control gives you access to the garage without leaving the car in any weather;
  • There is traction protection – the adjustable operating force of the automatic transmission ensures that if the gate encounters an obstacle, it stops immediately;
  • Automatic gear reliably locks closed gates;
  • The automatic transmission can be controlled by a switch and remote control;
  • Pressing the open button automatically illuminates the garage for 4 minutes;
    If the gate automation is installed in the garage with no other exit, an additional emergency opening shall be provided which, in the event of a power failure, shall enable the automation to be disconnected from the outside;
Technical data
Protection ratingIP40IP40
Power supply230 V230 V
Absorption6 A11 A
Motor power supply24 V D.C.24 V D.C.
Power rating130 W260 W
Traction force500 N850 N
Duty cycle50 %50 %
Opening speed6 m/min6 m/min
Operating temperature-20°C +50°C-20°C +50°C

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